Upper Limb (Extremity) Prosthetics

Involves prostheses that are designed as substitutes for the fingers, hand, and arm. Often referred to as "Upper Extremity," purists will insist that the only upper extremity is the head, for which no suitable prosthesis yet exists, using the term "Upper Limb."

Prostheses available for upper limb amputees can be broadly categorized into Body PoweredMyoelectricCosmetic or Passive, or Task Specific. Borrowing from robotic terminology, these arms can have a variety of Terminal Devices, which may be interchanged, depending on the standard of thread used on the terminal device.

A variety of different Upper Extremity Suspension Systems are used to attach the prosthesis to the residual limb and body.

Upper-Extremity Instructional material for upper extremity amputees is available in several places.