Open Prosthetics Conference 2017 Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan

In order to have an accessible unconference, we must confront several challenges, depending on the area of accessibility. While this conference will be devoted to the communities of need surrounding limb absence, we are aware that there may be some members with additional challenges, and we will address those as they come up. Please feel free to edit this page to reflect any need that you have or contact us privately.


The venue for the conference is the Pensole Footwear Academy. There are a number of features of the venue that are less than ideal with respect to accessibility. In particular, the spiral staircase to one of the meeting spaces, stairs to the loft, and the steep and narrow stairs to the second floor. The elevator may be used to avoid these stairs. We do not currently plan to use either loft space for conference sessions.

Auditory Accessibility

OP does not have a budget for CART or interpretation services. If you are in need of these and are not bringing an attendant or services with you, please let us know and we will seek to fill the need.

Visual Accessibility

The Pensole Footwear Academy campus was not designed for access by people with visual impairment. As of right now we are unaware of any attendees with visual disabilities. As soon as we are aware that someone with needs in this area intends to attend the conference, we will work with them to address those needs.