Nocturnal Activities

Use this page if you'd like to self-organize an outing outside the conference hours. 



I plan to stay over to see the eclipse on Monday.   I understand that traffic may make it difficult to go where it is total.  Any suggestions?

Skip Meetze, Rochester e-NABLE Lab

Skip - Yes, ODOT is predicting the worst traffic event in Oregon history. I have a couple of ideas. One, car camping at a friend of a friend's farm, which may or may not be something we can pile on to (ask me about this), and the second is to head to the wilderness trailheads near Mt. Jefferson, which would probably provide the best weather and best terrain for viewing. There are no reserved spots in the wilderness, no camping in meadows or groups > 12, and permits are self serve at the trailhead. Will involve hiking and need to make sure you have access to water. The ridge to the west of Mt. J would probably be an awesome place, and the road there is NOT 5, 84 or 205, and you wouldn't be travelling mon am. I'd have paper maps, which you can get at powell's.