Attendees Coming to Open Prosthetics Conference 2017

If you choose, please let us know that you're attending (alphabetical by last name), and provide links to your projects, twitter handle, etc.

Paul Rothchild

Paul is a prosthetic designer who has specialized in creating partial hand/foot prostheses for the past 15 years.  His goal is to add value to the open-source prosthetic community by sharing his knowledge and experience.  He is currently developing a deployable and scaleable system for creating partial foot devices.




Amanda Hawkins

Amanda is the Program Manager for Design Museum Foundation. She is currently researching and developing an exhibition on the first major nationally traveling exhibition and publication on the design and craft of prosthetics. The educational program and exhibition will explore the relationship between craft, design, material, and the human body through tactile objects, case studies, user stories, design process, historical references, and future concepts. Design Museum is partnering with thought leaders and organizations driving prosthetic innovation for veterans returning from conflict, athletes, and everyday users. 

We envision traveling the exhibition to cities around the world and culminating our collective research into a major print and digital publication. 

View our Vision Book for the exhibition here

Twitter/Instagram: @designmuseumfdn 


Albert Chi

Trauma and surgical critical care surgeon who served as the Medical Director of the Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Program at John's Hopkins. His current research is focused on improving the lives of individuals with traumatic injuries with an emphasis on motor control.

Kevin Connolly

Kevin is an author and photographer best known for his photo series "The Rolling Exhibition", as well as the memoir Double Take. His current hobby is trying to build a shoe for people without feet.

The Aesthetics of Prosthetics - TEDx Bozeman
@KevinConnolly on Twitter
LinkedIn Profile

Jonathan Kuniholm

Jon is the Founder and President of Open Prosthetics/The Shared Design Alliance. Thi is a bit dated, but a pretty good overview of the technical problems of replacing hands and wrists:
TEDxChapelHill - Jonathan Kuniholm - "We have the technology, right?"
@kuniholm on Twitter

Jen Owen 


Joy St. Peter

Founder and Director of Joys of Living Assistance Dogs in Salem, OR. Check out Joy's profile. The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs (JLAD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising and training assistance dogs and placing them in positions of service. They have just begun an owner-training program for people interested in training their own service dogs.

Adam Arabian

Associate professor of engineering at Seattle Pacific University and  CTO of Refugee Open Ware, an impact investment fund that focuses on humanitarian innovation. His research focus is development and testing of low cost, socially accepted prosthetic devices for low to middle income countries as well as other assistive devices and technology to positively impact refugees and displaced persons globally.  @AdamArabianPhD //UPDATE:  Adam returned from vacation quite ill and is unlikely to be able to attend. //

Skip Meetze

As a Volunteer Designer in the Rochester e-NABLE Lab, Skip mentors high school and college students in rapid prototyping and iterative design while he explores new technologies for creating assistive devices (such as the Gripper Thumb Terminal Device).  A retired Human Factors Engineer with decades of experience in product development for companies like Xerox and IBM, he is now an evangelist for Open Source Hardware Design.