Web Tools For Online Collaboration and Study

Our frustration with the tools that were available to organize knowledge and online collaboration around niche or orphan needs began when Open Prosthetics (OP) was founded in 2007. At that time, we used a collection of multiple websites that each did something that we found valuable: a blog at the main OP site, a social site on Ning that allowed sharing of content and communication around news and ideas, a wiki that allowed the creation of more hierarchical knowledge, and a variety of additional social tools. Sites like Pinterest, Amazon, Mendeley, and Instructables provide ways of sharing, curating and creating content, but offer none of the other primary features.

OP was incorporated as the Shared Design Alliance as an acknowledgement of the inadequacy of all of these tools, with the goal of solving them for OP as an example sufficient to get others interested in helping us perfect them.

In the course of launching this website, OP has already contributed elements to Drupal 8, and we will share all of the code used to create it as soon as we can. 

Please join us in helping us improve this tool to better serve and focus knowledge in all underserved areas.