Open Prosthetics Conference (completed), August 18-20, 2017, Portland, OR

The first Open Prosthetics conference took place August 18-20, 2017, in Portland, Oregon. The conference was a self-organized "Unconference," where the attendees set and carried out the agenda dynamically and on site. A wiki page for the conference allowing attendees to begin the self-organization in advance, in the style of Foo Camp and Bar Camp, remains up as an archive. We are preparing a short video documenting the conference, and will have video of the Ignite! presentations available.

The unconference represents the best parts of conferences with fewer of the downsides. Imagine an entire conference consisting of the interesting sidebar conversations you wish could continue taking place in the lobby and hallways outside the conference rooms, without any death by powerpoint.

The conference was made possible by generous funding from the Fetzer Institute.